November 10, 2015

C5 Earthing Design

Earthing Design

The importance and complexity of earthing systems has significantly changed in recent years and C5 has been able to simplify and ensure our clients meet their regulatory obligations with respect to earthing system safety in accordance with AS 3000, AS 2067, AS 3835, AS 4853, ENA EG-0, ENA EG-1, IEEE80 and IEEE81. Our specialised earthing design experience covers earthing systems at all voltage levels from 50 V through to 500kV AC and DC equivalent for electrical utilities, industrial, mining and generation sectors. We pride ourselves in tailoring and guiding our clients to the product that best meets their level of risk whilst ensuring a cost effective solution, which covers the following earthing elements:

  • soil system analysis;
  • detailed fault system analytical assessment via conductive and inductive response;
  • third party interference coordination studies (LFI);
  • integration analysis;
  • safety system assessment;
  • EMF assessment
  • conductor sizing;