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Earth Testing

We are a recognised and trusted industry leader in earthing performance testing in the Electrical/Water Utility, Mining, Industrial, Transport and Generation sectors.

Our earthing testing product is used for commissioning and auditing purposes, validating the earthing design and the condition of the earthing system which is imperative for the correct operation of the power system.

Tailored to the complexity of the earthing system, our testing incorporates compliance with AS 3000, AS 2067, ENA EG-1, ENA EG0, IEEE 80 and IEEE 81, and encompasses the testing of:

  • Soil resistivity
  • Off Frequency Current Injection Testing to derive earth potential rise, current distribution, system impedance, standalone impedance and transfer voltages (touch/step/hand to hand)
  • 3 or 4 pole earth resistance testing
  • 4 wire DC Continuity and visual inspection
  • Low Frequency induction
  • Detailed Inspection Test Plan
  • Corresponding SWMS and JRA
  • Analytical derivation of measured data with accompanying reporting
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