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Our Capabilities

HV Testing

Our Primary and Secondary testing products are commonly used for commissioning and routine maintenance purposes to ensure compliance with the local and national regulatory requirements in the management of HV assets.

We provide primary and secondary high voltage asset testing products for voltages up to 22 kV, validating our testing methods and results in accordance with AS 4805, AS 60076, AS 62271, AS 2067, AS 3000, AS 3008, AS 1429, IEC 60502 and associated national and international standards and guides.

Our suite of Primary and Secondary High Voltage testing includes:

  • In service partial discharge assessment
  • Transformer Winding Ratio
  • Switchgear and Transformer IR
  • Transformer resistance
  • Cable VLF and IR
  • Protection Relay Testing
  • Switchgear, Transformer and earthing joint Ductor Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Visual Inspection