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Spring Farm Subdivision Distribution Design
Project Details

Spring Farm Subdivision Distribution Design


C5 was awarded the role of lead distribution electrical consultant for the multi stage subdivision development at Spring farm in Kingston Tasmania.

The Problem

This complex multi stage development was one of the largest subdivision in recent times to connect to the electrical utility resulting in the need for methodical and clearly defined criteria throughout the development process.

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The Solution

C5 was able to offer our expertise in distribution design to implement the design requirements for this large urban residential development based on our proven historical experience in this field. Our design services included:

  • End to End project management between all stakeholders – developer, consultants, council, constructors and network service provider
  • Development and updating of a multistage development plan for the electrical reticulation taking into account the optioneering requirements presented throughout the lifecycle of this project 
  • Detailed underground electrical reticulation design based on standard electrical arrangement for turrets, cabinets, substations, public lighting, environmental assessment and coordination with other services.
  • Detailed bespoke design arrangement for assets where standard design was not suitable such as earthing, substation civil foundation design and roundabout lighting lux studies
  • Development of Customer Connection contracts for both contestable and non-contestable portions of the works including detailed estimates in compliance with regulatory categories
  • Development of issued for construction drawings
  • Construction support through the implementation phase

C5 was also engaged to provide testing commissioning services for assets such as substation, HV relay testing, HV switchboard testing and earthing commissioning testing using off frequency current injection methods.