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CENSO™ Calculation Tools

CENSO™ Calculation Tools

Current Injection

Complete your testing in the field and record your measurements in the cloud, getting your Fall of Potential & Earth Potential Rise immediately.

Earth Potential Rise (EPR) calculation from survey data.
Cable pulling calculation.

Cable Pull

Derived from first principals and tested against industry standards, make sure your cable designs are ready for construction.

Cable Rating

Derate Cables and see their placement in the visual output.

Arrangement of cables for a derating calculation.
Earth Potential Rise (EPR) calculation from earthing grid.


CENSO™ has an in-browser editor for earthing grids and systems, or if you already have underground designs you can import them directly. Outputs results and lets you explore the values with an interactive plot.

Fire Risk

Create fire risk assessments with accurate weather and climate models for your specific installation and region.

Probability of Fatality at Distance (PFD) calculation from a fire risk assessment.
Environmental consideration report questionnaire.


Record standardised environmental consideration reports with a dynamically guided questionnaire.


Check installation plans against standard foundation arrangements and access documentation immediately.

Foundation selection process for an installation.
Switchboard selection process for an installation.


View standard Low and High Voltage switchboard arrangements for your installations.

Load Flow

Create Low Voltage networks and calculate voltage drop, cable ampacity, and statistical likelihood of over utilisation.

Supply voltage distribution for a particular load within a Low-Voltage (LV) network.